We would like to offer you the film: "Family Violence and its Impact on Children".  We trust you will use this film appropriately.  It is an ideal format for promoting that you are committed to "Stopping Abuse in Families Everywhere" for Rotary Clubs, Family Violence support organisations and the general public. The messages are sobering and intentional in content.

This film carries the message that we must not be an inactive bystander,  we must apply the 3 RRR's of Rotary SAFE Families:

  1. Recognise – the signs, behaviours and culture that drive abuse
  2. Raise – your voice and call it out safely
  3. Refer – for support

Watch the films with their powerful messages around learning to recognise abuse, be informed and able to safely raise your concerns and then refer the victim or possible victim, to Police (if emergency) and/or an appropriate support agency in your neighbourhood.

Discussion Notes to Facilitate Post Viewing of the Domestic Violence and Its Impact on Children video:

  1. What surprises you about the content of this video?
  2. Are there "heroes" in this video?
  3. Why are they "heroes"?
  4. Can you identify the "3RRR's" of prevention of abuse? Recognise abuse, Raise concerns, Refer for support.
  5. Can you name something that you will take with you after viewing this video?
  6. Would you be able to report a family member or member of the public for domestic abuse which is a crime in Australia?

Family Violence Promo

Background of producing the SAFE Families films:

Setting up the studio for filming

Host, Mal Walden with Dorothy and film Director, Sean Meltzer

Slide taken from Family Violence film with the message of respecting women

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