Ambassador Clubs together form a "collective" Rotary voice to say "Abuse is NOT the Norm! and we are committed to Stopping Abuse in Families Everywhere.

Ambassador Clubs acknowledge and contribute to the PREVENTION of family abuse:

  1. Raise awareness of family abuse
  2. Help prevent family abuse
  3. Provide hope to victims or possible victims of family abuse including:
    • Women
    • Elderly
    • Youth
    • Children
    • Men

Our focus is on primary prevention.  It aims to change the attitudes and behaviours that drive abuse by increasing and improving gender equality and respect in all aspects of everyday life.  We challenge Government, women and men, boys and girls to change the structures, norms, practices, attitudes and behaviours that cause this abuse by challenging its underlying drivers – gender inequality and disrespect for women and each other.

We ask that the Ambassador Clubs and Champions simply promote the "3RRR's":

  1. Recognise!  Recognise the signs of abuse
  2. Raise!  Raise your concerns safely with the victim
  3. Refer!  Refer the victim to appropriate support 000/1800RESPECT etc. or make the call yourself!

Create a "win win" for both your Club and your local organisations, businesses, communities by showing your support for Rotary SAFE Families.

Be proud to be part of the “Collective Voice” in Australia.  We are about engaging the whole community to ‘chip away’ in changing the bad culture that allows family abuse to happen in the first place.

Yes it will take time to change the culture.  But if we don’t at least try, our children and grandchildren may be the next generation of perpetrators of abuse. Rotary SAFE Families is working on the moral responsibility that we have to do something. 

If we can save some children from being traumatised by the abuse they witness, or a person from being murdered or physically and emotionally scarred for life, Rotary SAFE Families will have been successful.

Ask one of your Members to be the "Champion" for your Club to facilitate the connection with Rotary SAFE Families.

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