Rotary SAFE Families’ was established in 2018 to help stop all forms of family violence by addressing its underlying causes.  It has evolved into a national program with valuable resources and tools including short films, Manual, Toolkit, translated information to assist every Rotarian in every part of Australia to become informed playing their part in Stopping Abuse in Families Everywhere.  We promote that family abuse NOT be a "taboo" topic!

Here is one of the excellent videos:

With an active website that provides all the latest updates of family abuse, and the Rotary Ambassador Club Program in place, Rotary Clubs around Australia are signing up to promote the program's powerful messages to their local communities, we must – all of us – take some responsibility for stopping abuse in Australia by:  

  1. Recognising the signs 
  2. Raising our concerns whenever they arise
  3. Referring to the right agency for support.

Rotary SAFE Families has become a significant tool for a national collective voice rather than a single voice to stop family violence in Australia.

It was acknowledged as a Rotary 100 Year Centenary project in 2021, and supported by Rotary Foundation Australia.

Rotary SAFE Families was created by a Rotarian and a committed team who want to make a positive difference to the world by the prevention of family abuse: Abuse to women, children, men and our elderly  - anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Dorothy Gilmour

Dorothy has vast experience and professional, academic history in Social Sciences including human behaviours and challenges of specialised groups. 

Her main practice was in the area of trauma, loss, grief, mediation and suicide prevention for individuals, parents and families and included debriefing after a critical incident in workplaces and post community disasters.  Her services included years of University lecturing in Masters programmes of Psychology, Social Science and Family Therapy.

Dorothy remains an advocate for social justice and fairness for those less fortunate.  She is determined for everyday people to be part of the solution in the prevention of family violence and elder abuse across the world. 

Dorothy believes that we must take some responsibility and assist our Police and social services to manage this epidemic of violence: 'We must assist a victim or possible victim of abuse, by being able to identify and report any form of abuse, not sit on our hands. Let us help to ensure our children and grandchildren do not perpetrate this lack of respect for humanity.”

A passionate Rotarian and 'champion' of Rotary SAFE Families for Rotary in Australia. "Onwards and Upwards!"

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