This is a template for a double-sided Wallet Card. Have them printed with your Rotary Club logo and hand them out to signify that you and your Club are trying to Stop Abuse in Families Everywhere plus providing the phone number for family abuse support organisations for those who need help.  

Wallet card template below is for you and your organisation to have printed with your logo in the right hand top of the artwork.

A wallet card is a terrific way to promote the Rotary SAFE Families program awareness by:

  1. Providing the bearer of the card with direct access to support referral agencies
  2. Conveying active participation in Stopping Abuse in Families Everywhere
  3. Handing out at Rotary meetings, events
  4. Placing at community gatherings, entrances, desk tops et al.

Contact Nicholas Kane (Rotary Southbank) and Minuteman Press as Nick has the template and will print the wallet cards at our special Rotary price,  and mail to you Australia wide.

Nicholas Kane: Phone:  1300 907 399

Address: 554 High St, Prahran VIC 3181

Email: viv@minuteman-prahran.com

Website:  https://minutemanpressprahran.com.au/

Wallet Card Front with space at top for your Club's logo and/or your contact details.

Wallet Card Back

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