Introducing Be there app for your phone

Features of the Be there app

We give you access to tools that can validate any abusive behaviour you may see, hear or experience and help you navigate a safe way to support someone without making the situation worse or putting either of you in danger.

If we are to eliminate violence in our community, it’s up to all of us to act. With Be there, you can:

Read, save and share articles that help you learn and understand the signs of coercive control

Get recommended content and activities with built-in reminders

Save notes with the journaling feature to remember things you see, hear and feel

PIN protection ensures it all remains private and confidential

Dark mode supported

Benefits of the Be there app

Do you want to know what to say or how to ‘be there’ for a loved one, a friend or even a stranger who is in an unhealthy, toxic or abusive relationship?

Be there is a free app that gives you direct access to tools that empower, educate and support you to help someone who is experiencing domestic or family violence.

Always have the tools on hand to help you recognise abuse and offer support to someone who may be experiencing or using the abuse. The app will help you do this safely and respectfully.

You can either use the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store to search for the "Be There" app to download it, or visit the website to download.

You might also like to consider the approach taken in the Griffith University 'MATE Bystanders to Prevent DV' Program.
As we watch the nightly news  where another murder of a woman is reported we realise that the time has come to find a way to focus on the perpetrators, not just the victims.
We need to harness the power of men especially (and women of course) to respond to the potentially tragic actions of their peers and actively push back on inappropriate and threatening behaviour, including that which results from the culture of gender inequality (the root cause of DV). 

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