Rotary Club of Ballina on Richmond is a stalwart supporting Club in Stopping Abuse in Families Everywhere and "Rotary says NO to Domestic Violence!"

Photos provided by Dave Harmon, showcase their Domestic Violence project at their recent Rotary Centenary Baton Relay. Pic shows Dave and DG Andy Rajapaske.

Not only members but school students gladly promoted the message 

Pic shows Richmond on Ballina's Helen, all smiles, showcasing that Rotary says NO to Domestic Violence

Fantastic T shirts helped create the promotion to the public

If you or your Club would like to purchase some of the pictured T-Shirts for you to promote the "Rotary Says NO to Domestic Violence", here is the PDF format of the Order Form for your use:  Ballina_on_Richmond_ROTARY_SHIRT_ORDER_FORM_100_YEARS_(1).pdf

Let's find our collective voice and support Rotary SAFE Families, Rotary Ballina on Richmond's "Rotary says NO to Domestic Violence" and provide your Club's Family Violence photos and information.

Complete the "Contact Us" form on this Rotary SAFE Families website.


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