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Inclusive Communities Initiative

Over the past five years, we have grown the Rotary SAFE Families model to a point where our powerful messages for primary prevention of abuse are expanding to Australians who have English as their second language.

We need to continually remind Australians that Rotary does not condone abuse in any form, to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

It is with great encouragement, to see that our Rotary "3R's" of primary prevention are being utilised by people from all walks of life.

Reminder, our "3R's" apply to any form of abuse to women, men, children and our elderly:

  1. Recognise signs of abuse
  2. Raise your concerns "safely"
  3. Refer victim to one of the many family violence agencies OR Make the call yourself!

Latest News: 

With the support from Rotary Melbourne's Peter Berg and Ahmed Tohow, our Inclusive Communities Initiative is a committed group of Rotarians working to support and inform our many communities who are part of our wonderful culturally diverse Australia.


Along with Shakilah Wesonga (NDIS Local Co-Ordinator, Brotherhood of St Laurence), Hawthorn's Ari Talantis and Oscar Lumire, Rotary Club of Kericho in Kenya, we have created our first Inclusive Communities film.


This film is in Swahili and can be viewed here: or on our website:


Our Guide to Prevention of Family Abuse - Swahili can be downloaded here: Swahili_Guide.docx or in English:   Guide_for_Prevention_of_Family_Abuse_in_Australia_2023.pdf

Our film along with the printed Guides form a "toolkit" which is being promoted and provided to as many African Australian communities we can locate.


Now, here is where we need your help!

Do you know any people, communities, groups who would appreciate this information produced with respect and acknowledgement of cultural diversity?


Our small team is organising face to face meetings with African Australians in various parts of Melbourne and country Victoria. This is a huge undertaking for us, and we would greatly appreciate any support you might provide.


Please email or phone me, Dorothy Gilmour: or mobile: 0412 760 784

What you can do is:

  • share this information and its availability with your friends, family and workplace
  • place this information in your weekly Bulletin
  • create your own Club project which is a win-win as you showcase Rotary's Diversity, Inclusion and Equity


Remember: Rotary SAFE Families is here to help you and your Club help others!


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