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So much positive news for those who want to "change the story" of abuse and stop being passive bystanders because we don't know what to do! Do we want our children or grandchildren to continue the story of being abusers or being the victims of abuse?  This is our responsibility to "change the story"!

African Australian Collaboration


Rotary SAFE Families, Rotary Hawthorn and Rotary Melbourne are working together, with the fantastic assistance of Peter Berg, Ahmed Tohow, Shakilah Wasonga and Dorothy.  Ahmed has invited me to present to many African Australian communities around Melbourne the next few months.  We shall be providing African translations of the Guide - Prevention of Abuse in Australia and any information or support the communities are seeking.


There will be an update on the progress of this collaboration in the next Newsletter.  Please contact Peter Berg (or Dorothy Gilmour if you would like to assist our non English speaking Australians.





 EDVOS and Rotary SAFE Families Update

As you know, EDVOS (formerly Eastern Domestic Violence Outreach) leading specialist family violence service in Melbourne's Eastern Metropolitan Region, and SAFE Families are working together to support each other in our common mission for prevention of family violence.

Rotary Hawthorn (home of SAFE Families) is running a Toy & Gift Appeal for EDVOS and would greatly appreciate your donation



Their Toy Appeal supports women and children impacted by family violence and is warmly received by their vulnerable clients.  It enables parents to give toys and gifts to their children and for the children of abused mothers to give their mother a Christmas gift.

 What can you do?

  • Purchase toy/gift for a child
  • Gift voucher $25.00 (sporting goods, Officeworks, JB Hi Fi) for an adolescent
  • Gift for a mother
  • Donate money for Rotary to purchase GV for teenagers

 If you are able to donate a gift or toy, please telephone Dorothy Gilmour (0412 760 784) and we can arrange for your donation to be collected.


Your contributions will mean that children experiencing family violence will have something to smile about at Christmas!




More Information: Katrina Flinn:    Dorothy Gilmour:


Domestic Violence Safe Phones  

Met up with John Keys, Rotary Belrose recently. John described the outstanding initiative he and Rotary Belrose have initiated DV Safe Phones (website: 

Here is the link to the information via YouTube:

We must all have a mobile which we don't use.  Why not ask your Club to organise a Collection Point at your meetings to donate your unused phone to this recycle program and help to save someone from harm?

Contact John Keys for information:

Guest Speaker Presentations



Dorothy has had the privilege of being invited to present Rotary SAFE Families to more than 120 Rotary Clubs around Australia. 


Recently, she met up with the dynamic, wonderful Rotarians at Rotary Mansfield in the High Country of Victoria. 


Much interest was shown in how to interact if one becomes aware of abuse to anybody - male, female, child or older person.


Pic shows Dorothy with the Rotary SAFE Families ambassador for Rotary Mansfield, Chris Edward and their President, Kathy Croughan at the Delatite Hotel after enjoying fellowship and great food!


  Simply apply the Rotary "3RRR's" of prevention of abuse to anyone, anytime, anywhere:

  1. Recognise what abuse looks like (become informed of the signs)
  2. Raise your concerns "safely" with the victim (Read Guide: "Prevention of Abuse in Australia" see Resources tab on website)
  3. Refer the victim to 000 (if emergency) or any of the many support agencies:  Lifeline, 1800RESPECT etc.  

          OR Make the call yourself to be informed the best way and dialogue to safely help!


Please note: This Guide is now available in six languages other than English for our non-English speaking Australians. Located under Resources tab on website:

Thank you for showing your support for the prevention of abuse in Australia


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