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Rotary SAFE Families Newsletter June, 2022

As we are trying to manage world news, environment issues, winter flu and viruses, let's also think about the many who are trying to manage their lives, faced with abuse and trauma.  Rotary SAFE Families is working hard to support and help prevent this intolerable, culture of abuse to anyone, anywhere at anytime.  Abuse won't go away without our consideration and proactive stance.


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Translated Guides for Prevention of Family Abuse

Have you checked out the translated Guides for Prevention of Family Abuse that we have created for YOU and YOUR Club to download, print and give to your neighbourhood migrant/refugee communities who may not be fluent in English language?


Place your Club logo on the front page, make this your Club's project to assist our non-English speaking Australians to assist them navigate their way around prevention of family and sexual abuse in Australia.



We have even given the details of a Rotarian who will print these Guides for you at a reasonable charge. 


They are not fancy, or need expensive paper, they can be printed A4 or A5 on normal paper.  We don't need fancy materials to prevent family abuse!


See RESOURCES/Translations of Guide Tab on our website for the Guides and the Printer:


Contact Dorothy for more information:







Clubs Convey Their Success in Viewing SAFE Families' Films


Feedback from many Clubs is that the presentation to their Members Meetings of the two latest short films have proven to have "hit the spot"! 


Rotary Melbourne's Peter Berg, who is an outstanding ambassador of Rotary SAFE Families, has reported that not only were the films Child Abuse and Abuse of Males shown at two recent meetings of Rotary Melbourne, but have been provided for everyone to view in their weekly Bulletin. Thank you Melbourne!


Peter was able to provide further details and questions to the meetings, using the Discussion Notes found on our website under the two films.  Thiscreated important discussion and reflection for Members and Guests. 


Rotary Melbourne is just one of many Clubs who have assisted in the Prevention of Family Abuse by simply viewing the films together.  Thanks to Rotary Hawthorn for its viewing of our film: Elder Abuse. There was great input and fellowship following the film.


See RESOURCES Tab: Child Abuse and Abuse of Males for the 3 minute films and Discussion Notes.



Clubs Promoting Rotary SAFE Families on Their Website

Much appreciation to Rotary Belrose for their terrific support of Rotary SAFE Families by simply adding our logo and mission to their front page.

John Keys, our Rotary Belrose ambassador is to be thanked along with their webmaster and Bulletin Editor.  Please add our logo to your website front page.  So simple, so savvy, so superbly showcased!  Logos can be found on our website under the tab: RESOURCES.

  Remember:  Rotary SAFE Families is here to help Rotarians help others!


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