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We have been very active the past few months and want to share with you the extra Resources we have added to our extensive work for your use.


In January, we completed two new short animated films:

Child Abuse:

Discussion Notes: Discussion_Notes_Child_Abuse_1.docx 




Abuse of Men:

Discussion Notes: Discussion_Notes_Abuse_of_Males_1.docx


These can be downloaded from website RESOURCES with the accompanying Discussion Notes.  The Notes are to create information, thoughts and discussion of the role we can all play in prevention of family abuse. Please use these films at one of your meetings.  Dorothy would appreciate any feedback so that Rotary SAFE Families can retain its relevance to our mission.

Rotary SAFE Families is also very happy to be able to provide you and your Club with the "Guide to Prevention of Family Abuse in Australia", not only in English, but now in five other languages. This has been achieved with the help of volunteers who provided their skill and time in translating the Guide into their language.

Rotary SAFE Families is inclusive and respects diversity. The Guides are written in:

Swahili   Swahili_Translation_of_Guide_3.pdf

Hindi  Hindi_Translation_of_Guide_3.pdf

Greek  Greek_Translation_of_Guide_3.pdf

Dari  Dari_Translation_of_Guide_3.pdf

Farsi  Farsi_Translation_of_Guide_1.pdf


These can be printed out at minimal cost by Clubs, placing their Rotary logo onto the cover, and provided to the relevant non-English speaking Australians in their organisations, community hubs to inform and include n the prevention of family abuse in Australia.  The Guides also provide the relevant support agencies for their assistance.

Huge thank you to all our wonderful SAFE Families' Ambassadors from around Australia. Your support and presence are greatly appreciated. 

Rotary SAFE Families has provided these resources at no cost to you. Please use them, showcase your Club and its endorsement of Rotary SAFE Families.  These resources all fit with our Four-Way Test:

Truth; Fair to all concerned; Building Goodwill and Better Friendships; Beneficial to All

Rotarians are here to help others!  Rotary SAFE Families is here to help Rotarians help others!


As a reminder, the following is our Vision, Values and Pledge for Rotary SAFE Families - Stopping Abuse in Families Everywhere!

OUR MISSION: Prevent family violence to Women, Men, Children, and our Elders.  We promote Family peace and harmony to save lives and avoid trauma.

OUR VISION: We play a leading role in reducing family violence at all levels in our community.

OUR VALUESPassion, understanding, and rightfulness (commitment / justice).

OUR PLEDGE  “Rotary in Australia pledges to be part of the solution in the prevention of family violence to women, men, youth, children and elderly where Australians live, learn, work and socialise. 

We promote Australians becoming 'active' bystanders by Stopping Abuse in Families Everywhere.”









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