Rotary Safe Families


A very lively meeting with enormous value from attendees, attended by 15 Ambassadors.


Apologies: Kerry Kornhauser, North Brighton; Anne Josefberg, Canterbury; Ari Talantis, Melbourne; Dave Harmon, Ballina on Richmond, NSW; Tony Freeman, Alexander Headland; Gabby Knaepple, Nunawading.


Meeting Outcomes:

  Champions voted for a preferred title as "Ambassadors".


♠  Viewed the 2 new animated films: Child Abuse and Abuse of Males. Very well received. Discussed using the Discussion Notes (found on website after films) to created open forum discussion at Rotary Clubs after viewing each film.


♠  Discussed question: "What would prevent you from showing both films at your Club?"  No reason was considered for not making these films available at a Rotary Club meeting.


♠  Much discussion about providing the Child Abuse film to schools.  Possibly Grade 6 and upwards. Dorothy to follow up with Education Department.


  The "Guide for Prevention of Family Abuse" has been translated into four languages at present: Swahili, Dari, Hindi and Greek.


  These may be found on the website:  Do you know anyone who could volunteer to translate into Farsi and Arabic    please?  (Next month's meeting will discuss how Rotary Clubs can download and give these translated Guides to their local communities.)


  A Rotary SAFE Families Board is to be created.  This Board will assist in the Rotary SAFE Families focus for 2022 (see below). 


  Special note: Rotary SAFE Families is seeking endorsement from Rotary Mental Health, local Councils, transport companies (with RSF slogans) to    showcase and promote RSF to the wider public audience.


  Our new Board when created will explore the option of fund-raising for Rotary SAFE Families to use to market ourselves and assist in prevention of  family abuse in Australia.


Focus for 2022:  Focus_for_2022.docx


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