Rotary Safe Families


Well, 2022 has arrived with a "bang"!  Rotary SAFE Families has returned from a short vacation also with a "bang", energised and committed to change the story of family abuse in Australia.

We are very proud to provide you with two newly created short films below and found on our website:


After much research, we have made the films just 2.3 minutes each with as much information as possible in the Rotary SAFE Families focus of prevention of abuse.  


I hope you get better insight into the abuse of children and of men from viewing the films.  Rotary SAFE Families is part of the solution in the prevention of abuse in families everywhere!  Please note the placement of the Rotary SAFE Families' "3RRR's" of prevention of abuse.

Remember the "3RRR's" - such a simple tool for abuse prevention of anyone at anytime!


Child Abuse


Abuse of Males


Please download and view personally and at a Rotary Club meeting.

Give the films to an appropriate health/community support agency.

Share with your family, friends and work colleagues.


Remember:  Rotarians are here to help others. 

Rotary SAFE Families is here to help Rotarians, help others!


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