Rotary SAFE Families has had our Guide to Prevention of Family Abuse in Australia translated into 6 different languages so far.

You can find this resource in English:  Guide_for_Prevention_of_Family_Abuse_in_Australia.docx in the Resources tab online.

The guides below are for the use of Rotary Clubs or public organisations to download and print as appropriate.

They will assist our more recent Australians to read and be informed of Australian law and models to prevent abuse in families. This includes abuse to women, men, children and our elderly.

Have your local printer print into simple format and leave copies at local community centres, refugee centres and locations where non-English speaking people meet. This is a fantastic way for your Club to create new relationships with diverse Australians.

So far, Rotary SAFE Families have translations into Dari, Hindi, Swahili, Mandarin, Farsi and Greek. We hope to have other translations in the future. We thank our translators for their generosity in volunteering their time and skills at no cost to SAFE Families. 

Thank you:

Oscar Chemarum (Swahili translation)

Disha Mann (Hindi translation)

George Dimitriadis (Greek translation)

Noorshah Kamawal  (Dari translation)

Parvaneh Hashemi (Farsi translation)

Vincent Chen (Mandarin translation)







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