16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence 2023

Start the conversation and get people talking.

The 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence is a global campaign led annually by UN Women. It runs every year from 25 November (the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women) to 10 December (Human Rights Day).  

We all deserve to be safe, equal and respected. But on average, a woman in Australia is killed by a man they know every 10 days. It doesn't have to be this way. 

During the 16 Days of Activism, communities around the world join the call to prevent and eliminate violence against women and girls. 

As Rotarians, we can all make a difference.

Simply start a conversation.

Being silent, will not stop abuse.

Break the silence on violence.

Give respect, get respect.

Abuse prevention starts with you and me.


Rotary District 9800 District Governor Ron Payne (seen in pic. with DG 9790 Neta Kirby and Dorothy Gilmour) has asked that all 64 Rotary Clubs in D9800 promote Rotary SAFE Families' campaign in prevention of family abuse. Whatever Rotary District you belong to, join with District 9800 in saying "NO" to violence.

"We are asking you to promote in the first week of December, our own Rotary SAFE Families initiative. SAFE Families is endorsed by Rotary Foundation Australia and we are proud that it is a District 9800 campaign made freely available to all Rotary Clubs in Australia.

Rotary SAFE Families seeks support and recognition from your Club. Family abuse is a national problem. Family abuse will not disappear without your Club’s support. Rotary SAFE Families has all the resources and marketing you need to endorse it as your Club’s project on its website:

Take a part in this year's 16 Days of Activisim

Suggestions for Rotarians include:

Rotary SAFE Families Inclusive Communities Initiative is a collaboration between Rotary Hawthorn and Melbourne and your Club is invited to be part of this collaboration. ICI has been created with fantastic resources in 7 different languages for your Club to reach out to your diverse communities to support them in prevention of abuse.

A key focus of Rotary International is Diversity, Inclusion and Equity. Your Club can convey this by using the SAFE Families and Inclusive Communities resources. See website for all information.  www.rotarysafefamilies.org.au

Use the Rotary SAFE Families website’s logos, wallet cards, flyers. 

Promote in your Bulletin and your website, your Club’s support for prevention of abuse to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Be like Rotary Chadstone/East Malvern and use the resources to help prevent abuse. Showcasing at public events with pull-up banners, printed resources to engage with the public.

Contact Dorothy Gilmour: info@rotarysafefamilies.org.au to become an Ambassador Rotary Club for SAFE Families.

Break the silence on violence and make a difference by talking about it.
Yes, abuse is difficult to talk about, but feel the fear, and talk about it anyway!


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