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We are very pleased to launch the Rotary SAFE Families Ambassador Club Program.  Your Club can carry the logo and the powerful messages that Rotary in Australia will not condone any form of abuse to anyone.

Simply check out the TAB:  AMBASSADORS on the Home Page of this website for all your Club's needs to become an Ambassador Club. You don't have to be one voice on your own:

Remember:  A collective voice is much more powerful than a single voice.  Let's get together in this call for action and make a louder voice that covers more Australian communities with our Mission, Vision and Values:

OUR MISSION: Prevent family violence to Women, Men, Children, and our Elders.  We promote Family peace and harmony to save lives and avoid trauma.

OUR VISION: We play a leading role in reducing family violence at all levels in our community.

OUR VALUES: Passion, understanding, and rightfulness (commitment / justice).

Yes, it will take time to spread the message:  Abuse is NOT the Norm.  But we have to start somewhere just like the Government campaign in 1985:  "You drink and drive ... Your're a bloody idiot"  Let's work together in Rotary and be a collective voice.

We ask that you complete the Contact form found at the TAB: CONTACT US so that we can enrol your Club and place it on our Honour Roll of Rotary Clubs with the direct link back to your Club.

We promote Australians becoming 'active' bystanders by Stopping Abuse in Families Everywhere.”

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