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What does Rotary SAFE Families AMBASSADOR status mean for Rotary Clubs?

That Ambassadors acknowledge and contribute to the Prevention of family abuse:

  1. Raise awareness of family abuse
  2. Help prevent family abuse
  3. Provide hope to victims or possible victims of family abuse including:
    1. Women
    2. Elderly
    3. Youth
    4. Children
    5. Males

Ambassadors take advantage of opportunities in their Club by:

  • Public awareness campaigns
  • Speaking out about Rotary SAFE Families : Stopping Abuse in Families Everywhere
  • Informing and enabling people to act in support of those faced with abuse
  • Providing printed information, social media to showcase et al;
  • Informing friends, colleagues, family, workplace of prevention and referral methods around abuse
  • Reducing stigma attached to reporting abuse
  • Talking to corporate, government and non-government organisations
  • Sharing stories with media and broader community
  • Sensitising people to the traumatic increasing dimension of abuse and the necessity for change: “Abuse is Not the Norm”.
  • Showing pride in being a Rotary SAFE Families’ Ambassador.

Rotary SAFE Families’ Ambassadors, speak out openly, provide messages of hope and encouragement to raise awareness of the traumatic problem of violence both in Australia and worldwide. Replace with the importance and need for healthy, respectful relationships.

Ambassadors shatter stereotypes, myths, and stigma, helping the public to see the realities of family abuse while being a leader in providing real hope and support for change.

Rotary SAFE Families’ Ambassadors commit to continued family abuse education, awareness and advocacy and provide a “voice” to Stopping Abuse in Families Everywhere.

Remember: Ambassadors bring collective voices and energy!

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